Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ok the last couple days have been awesome for Minnesota Sports. This last monday the Vikings (With #4 at the helm) smoked Green Bay in a Titan battle that will go down in the ages of sports. Farve was in top form and it is so great to see the Vikings doing well for once early on in a season.

That was then overshadowed by the Twins and Americas Pastime game of the year. Game 163 of regular season to see who goes to the playoffs and who goes back to Detroit. Yes the Twins came back to win it to grab the Division Championship out of the Tigers Claws. It was an amazing game and went to 12 innings.

I have not been this happy for Minnesota Sports since '87 and '91. I would love to see the Twins take down the Yankee's as they are a team to truly hate.

Go Twins! We believe in you!

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