Friday, May 8, 2009

What do you get when?... + Star Trek impressions.

Twitter is down for maintenance and you have an addiction? You get a blog post. Horrible I know. I have been meaning to write another post but honestly have not had much to talk about that would not bore you to tears. (all 0 of my readers that is)

Saw Star Trek last night and was really impressed. JJ did a bang up job and had a really good story. Good surprises for Trek fans and insertions of Slusho/Cloverfield reference as well. (I did miss it but will watch for it on the next viewing) I thought the acting was well done and honor was given to the characters created by the actors no longer with us (Scotty, Bones) Even if you are not a Trek fan go see it. You will enjoy the ride (both action and emotional)

Ok now if twitter will get back up I can fulfill my addition some more...

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