Friday, April 17, 2009

Windows and Employment...

Ok two different subjects in one post today. Both are good news and long awaited things. The first is that we are finally getting our new windows in our house. We have been in this process for 6 months or so and finally have the contractors putting the final front windows in today. They should be finishing up the front ones today and then painting/trim monday. We got new ones though a grant for Lead Abatement with the PDC (Portland Development Commission). Anyway they look great and cannot wait to save some money this summer and winter on heating/cooling.

The second bit of good news is the employment front. I was laid off in Jan and have been searching for some Front End Web Dev work for a couple months. Had some interest and then got a hit for a contract to hire job in Hillsboro. Great position doing some creative and development. Have Learned a lot since I started two weeks ago and hope to make this my perm home for a while. I am going to for now not say what company but will if things work out over time.

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