Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well I finally got Windows 7 beta installed last night. Very easy install (So was vista and this appeared to have the same process) Microsoft finally made it easy to manage your partitions and where you want to install your OS. You can format, partition and delete partitions from the installer very easily.

I have to say Windows 7 starts way faster then Vista. I have not had a chance to run a game and benchmark it yet. (I will do GTA4 tonight since that one has a heavy system requirements.)

Overall if you have vista stick with it. W7 will give you more resources to use but visually it looks only slightly different. I plan to upgrade as I want to use as much of my system resources as possible. (Plus I have the MSFT Alumni/employee discount as well)

We will see if this helps Microsoft or not.


Travis said...

Microsoft is going back in time. We had a Windows 2000 like 10 years ago, now we are down to Windows 7.

EDOX said...

Very true in some ways. I just cannot get why they did not do any of what they are doing in Windows 7 in vista. So lame.